Ways to Get Involved

There in nothing small in the service of God… — Frances de Sales

Unity of Jupiter depends on the enthusiasm and commitment to service of our many active sacred servers, who are the heartbeat of our community.

You may be asked to serve on a ministry team. If you say “yes,” we know that you will find serving this ministry to be a wonderful opportunity to stretch and grow spiritually. If you are not ready, we will respect your “no.”

Programs and activities in this ministry happen because people like you say “yes” to leadership and service. As we share talents, ideas, time and energy, we are abundantly blessed in return.

My life is abundant and I share my abundance by serving others.

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold… service was joy. — Rabindranath Tagore

Our service opportunities are as varied as the people who participate. Please contact our office if you need help in finding the form of service that is most fulfilling and rewarding for you.

The first three ministry teams listed below require membership in Unity Church in the Gardens; the others are open to all congregants.


Board members are elected at our annual meeting of the membership the second Sunday in February. If you are interested in serving on the board, contact a member of the Nominating Committee.


Reaches out in prayer, comfort and support to our congregation. Learn more


Teaches spiritual development principles in a loving atmosphere to youth from two years of age through teenagers. Requires special training and a background check. Learn more


Monitors sound and visual equipment during Sunday morning and other services and makes audio recordings of services.


Maintains an inviting atmosphere in the bookstore. Must be available to serve at least one Sunday a month in the bookstore.


Identifies and coordinates congregational participation in service projects in the wider community.


Creates fun and profitable ways to increase our building fund.


Maintains and beautifies grounds.


Welcomes all and answers questions about activities and locations. Helps newcomers find their way around the church.


Provides venues for a healing ministry via calling on those who are ill, hospital visits, and healing day events at the church.


Serves refreshments to encourage fellowship following the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services in the Fellowship Hall. Helps clean up and organize the kitchen following Sunday events.


Provides repairs and seasonal maintenance to facility. Helps with hurricane preparation.


Publicizes our message and events by generating ideas for greater exposure, creating and posting promotional materials in our center and around town, selling tickets to events, and staffing event tables.


Joy song singers for the Sunday services and singers in the choir for special occasions.


Writes policy and creates procedures for the manual for the ministry.


Films special events and creates ways to use filming to help raise funds for the church.


Members of this team create parties and special events for the church. This team works with the Fundraising Team to create fundraising events as well.


Creates a friendly, loving and inviting atmosphere for everyone attending. Hands out bulletins, locates seats, collects offerings, and cleans the sanctuary following services.


Greets our newcomers on Sunday and invite them to Fellowship Hall for refreshments after the services. Writes notes to everyone who visits for the first time.

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