What to Expect

FAQ’s for First-Time Visitors and Guests

new familyWe are so excited to have you join us! When you arrive please take a moment to sign our guest book located in the sanctuary foyer and feel free to browse our selection of free brochures and pamphlets on the table as well.
We hope that the following FAQ’s will help answer any questions you may have – but don’t hesitate to contact us directly if there are any questions or concerns we may be able to address.

When should I show up?

Most congregants arrive within a few minutes of service start time. You are welcome to arrive early, of course, and can walk our grounds, mingle with other congregants in the bookstore, or take a seat and center yourself for service

What should I wear?

Whatever you’re comfortable in! Most of our members dress along the lines of business casual, leaning towards the casual side of things. You’re more likely to stand out in your “Sunday Best” than in a comfortable shirt and jeans.

What happens during service?

Our order of service is as follows:

Opening Prayer & Welcome

The minister or leader opens service with a prayerful invocation, which is followed by a casual welcome. During this time we invite anyone visiting for the first time to raise their hands, so that we may recognize them and provide them with one of our visitor’s packets. Don’t worry, we won’t make you stand up or say anything, though!

Daily Word Reading

After the welcome, either the leader or a congregant will read the Daily Word devotional for that day. The affirmation is repeated, and the congregation is invited to speak it aloud together.

Opening Music

Our band leads the congregation in two songs from the Hymnal book, found under your seat.

Meet & Greet

After the second hymnal, the congregation remains standing and takes a few minutes to say hello to one another. Most members walk around the room and greet each other with enthusiastic hugs – if you’re uncomfortable hugging, just hold your hand out in front of you to show that you’d rather shake hands instead.

Blessing of the Children and Announcements

During the 11:00 service, our children and teachers will go to the front of the sanctuary where the Youth Ministry Director shares any youth related announcements. After this the congregation blesses the youth, and they depart to Sunday School as the congregation sings.
Once the children go to Sunday School, the minister shares that week’s announcements.


Next, the minister leads a guided meditation. This is a quiet time of still focus, and includes a period of silence.

Special Music

After the meditation, the band will play a special song.


The minister or leader gives the sermon after this song.

Special Music

After the sermon, the band plays another song.


Sometimes also called a “love offering,” the minister or leader will lead the congregation in our Offertory Blessing – “Divine Love, through me, blesses and multiplies all I am, all I have, and all I receive.” The ushers will pass around the collection bags, and congregants can make share a tithe or donation at that time. Tithing envelopes are available at the back of the sanctuary and on the window sills, and can be used to make a donation via credit card, to have a cash contribution recorded under your name, or to include a prayer request.

Please note that you are under no obligation to contribute financially during service, regardless of whether it is your first time or hundredth time worshiping with us.

After the collection has been completed, the offering bags are brought back to the front of the sanctuary where the minister or leader will bless them and pray over them.

Closing Song and Prayer

To close service, everyone joins hands in a circle and sings “Let there be peace on earth.” After the song, while still holding hands, the minister or leader leads everyone in Unity’s Prayer for Protection:

The Light of God Surrounds Us
The Love of God Enfolds Us
The Power of God Protects Us
The Presence of God Watches Over Us
Where ever we are, God
And all is well.

With service officially closed, people are free to enjoy light refreshments in the bookstore and get to know each other a little better.

How long does service last?

From start to finish, services typically last for one hour. Of that, the sermon itself is typically about 20 minutes long.

Oh no, I’m running late!

No worries! You’re free to slip into service after it has begun, we just ask that you do so quietly and respectfully. If you’ve arrived during the meditation, please wait to be seated until after it has finished.

Is there child care?

Yes. Our Nursery is open for both the 9:30 and 11 a.m. service, and during the 11 a.m. service we offer Sunday School for all ages (birth-12th grade). All children above nursery age start out in the sanctuary at the start of service, and go to Sunday School after being blessed early in the service. If this is your first time bringing a child to Sunday School, we ask that you please fill out a brief “Family Information Form” available on the welcome table in our Youth Ministry Building.

If you would rather keep your children with you throughout the service, that’s not a problem at all – Sunday School is an optional program available for our youth.

Be sure to check out our Youth & Teen Ministry page for more information.

Where can I park?

Our primary parking lot is right in front of the sanctuary when you pull in – you can’t miss it! Additional parking is available behind the Youth Ministry Building as well as in a field connected to the main parking.

Handicapped parking is available next to our walkway both in the primary lot and secondary field lot.

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