Our Minister

Published August 31, 2020

Rev. Bodhi aka Ross Campbell began his service as the new minister of Unity Church in the Gardens (now Unity of Jupiter) on August 31st, 2020. With a rich history of serving Unity since 1991. Picking up the tools of affirmative prayer, healing, transformation, and abundant living Bodhi has been committed to a path of awaking: Yours and his. The teachings and loving consciousness of the Unity Community guided Rev. Bodhi into an upward movement of consciousness that pointed inward – Godward. In 1996, Bodhi entered the Ministerial Education Program at Unity Village and was licensed and ordained in June of 1998. Twenty-two years later, Rev. Bodhi has accepted the position as minister at Unity Church in the Gardens in Jupiter, FL with great anticipation of the good things to come.

After a 5 year hiatus or sabbatical from full-time ministry, Bodhi’s work took him deeper into the healing arts. He ran a small private practice where he taught and practiced yoga, spiritual counseling, meditation instruction, addiction counseling, and Kirtan (sacred chant). Bodhi also served on a therapy team that helped people move through the deep traumas of life into wholeness facilitating psychodrama, the Hero’s Journey, and addiction recovery.

The last piece of his unintended sabbatical was a one-year position at an addiction recovery treatment center as the Spiritual/Wellness Director working with addicts to discover and apply spiritual practices as an important tool of recovery. As a person with over 30 years of recovery, this experienced deepened his commitment to transforming lives.

Bodhi has served at nearly every level of Board leadership in the Unity movement including Easter Regional President and 4 years on the Unity WorldWide Ministry’s Board. He has also served the Y.O.U. as minister and musician at many Y.O.U. rallies.

Rev. Bodhi shares his experiences in life with authenticity, openness, passion, and compassion. Bodhi brings a wide mix of teachings from these powerful wisdom traditions always remembering his Unity roots while integrating Universal Truths.

“My mission is to inspire the transformation of lives and the planet by living the call of the Spiritual Warrior. To live a life committed to transformation. To show up as courageous compassion, gentle wisdom, and fierce love.” Fueled by this mission, Bodhi receives the greatest gifts by watching the hearts and minds of those he serves open as they allow their true selves to emerge. This is the meaning of the Master’s teaching, “I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.”

Rev Bodhi is the proud father of Sophia, a high school senior who has blessed his life with deeper meaning, love, and music. Jersey, Bodhi’s four-legged furry trustee companion has served as his quarantine partner through the pandemic. You will find them on the beach fetching frisbees and tennis balls or you know, just doing whatever.

His prayer is to discern God’s will for Unity Church in the Gardens and create a powerful transformational community that radiates love and light to everyone it serves while guiding each person into their highest and best!



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