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Guidelines for Membership/Enrollment

Prepared 6/22/09

Membership/Enrollment in Unity of Tallahassee was defined by a Membership Bylaws Ad-Hoc Committee in June of 2008 and the referenced enrollment card was created.

  • An active member is defined as a congregant who affirms by signature the ways in which he/she intends to support and further the ministry of Unity of Tallahassee. This is done on a prescribed “enrollment card.”
  • A signed enrollment card is required prior to the Annual Meeting in order to have the right to vote at that meeting.
  • Each year, following the Annual Meeting, there will immediately follow a 6-week re-enrollment period. During this time active members and inactive members may re-enroll for the upcoming church year.
  • Transferring members will be invited to enroll at any time during the year with a letter or affirmation of membership in another Unity church.
  • New members will be invited to enroll upon completion of three orientation classes. This series of 3 classes will be offered at a minimum of twice per year.


Active Member – has a current enrollment card on file with UOT

Inactive Member – has not filled out a current enrollment card but has been a member of UOT in the past.

Transferring Member – has been active in another Unity church prior to UOT

New Member – has not previously been a member of UOT

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